Steeping The Melting Pot With Walakala

As the expansion of Hip-Hop cascades around every corner, creativity knows no bounds when finding a pocket that is invitingly inhabitable. The cultural influence trickles down from it’s prominent platform to the locale — where it is glorified as a competitive battleground and/or an artistic safe space for the lyrically inclined. While aviating effortlessly within said domain, Walakalala cultivates a uniquely organic sound — a calming blare in a jovial pursuit of authenticity. Hailing from Silver

Malice turned Motive: Pittsburgh’s Hardo Ups The Ante

Pittsburgh native, Hardo, exhibits a dexterity molded by the Iron City’s grip, refined by legal woes, until the pressure reforms malice into motive. With a heavy catalog in tow, Hardo doesn’t let up on the gas. Within the walls of his most recent project, “The Fame Or Feds Story”, a definitive sound echoes beyond his city’s limits. Hardo’s “The Fame Or Feds Story” is not a reckless abandon of inner city turmoil, it is a perspective where turmoil lies dormant. After a September release, recogniti

Uptown Philly’s Jus O Shares His Observations

Hip-hop is re-entering a transitional realm, returning to the uncut velocity of raw talent. As the culture of Hip-Hop umbrellas over the world, deviation from the it’s core was evident. Stepping up to the plate in Hip-Hop, molds the overall identity of the sound and artistry. Uptown Philly’s Jus O wields an unruly hunger. Jus O’s appeal lies with his stylized nostalgia — a flair that caters to the classic feel of an era of Hip-Hop that is currently being revitalized. Jus O’s lyrics lay smoothly

$wipe’s Right Of Way

The definition of progress, is defined by onward steps in one’s space & time, oneself to a more well-rounded state. Even amidst the endless reign of  obstacles, whatever they may be, progress is  elemental. Uptown Philly cougar, $wipe is back, encapsulating his progression with his latest EP ubiquitously titled “Progress“. $wipe‘s growth bleeds from each record. $wipe conceptually paces his quality of sound and lyrical advancement to step into a ravishingly clean version of himself. Bar for bar

Chicago’s Saba Pivots On The Axis Of Artisty

The human elements of vulnerability, humility & self awareness is disguised in a thick cloud under the current state of Hip-Hop. The ability to relate to the volume of artists, spewing out of the spout, trying to stick the landing, all the while, balancing longevity & stardom. That organic energy of raw talent, becomes impenetrable, then shatter through ceilings of expectation. There are a handful of artists that are able to tap into that channel. Turning vulnerability into a superpower. Chicag

From Largo to Limelight: Hip-Hop Leviathan Q Da Fool Moves Mountains

Trouble has the tendency to accompany one until the brink or manifesting itself into a voice. In the sense of criminality, Hip-Hop has been a mouthpiece on the perspective of an unswayed antihero — one who has succumbed to the tyranny of one being a victim of injustice or just a product of one’s environment. Hip-Hop has been a breeding ground for the [occasional] societal renegade, whose loose cannon cadence, catapults toward mainstream success. It is there, where the stigma of criminality is di

The Rise of Matt McGhee And The Artistic Curation of Hip-Hop

Maryland has proven to be a breeding ground for pressure building hoards of [musical] talent. The unexplainable renaissance has piled on a seemingly endless stream of prospects — adding to the den. Specifically with hip-hop/rap acts, a militia of effervescent artists — who are unwillingly ready to bask in the lustrous limelight — makes the “starving artist” seem like an Olympic contestant, striding over the high hurdles of the ever-changing digital music industry. Even the sport like competitive

Heavy Is The Head: The Decrowning of Black America & The Importance Of Black Panther

Black Americans have a significant responsibility in the perpetual progression of this country moving forward. From crowns to shackles to Crow laws and the deeply rooted systematic chains that blatantly erode people of color off the nation’s color palette. Children of color carry the burden — unbeknownst to them — that their pigment is either a sign of prestige or a live target during an ongoing open season. To this very day, this burden has evolved into a centuries long sermon, that has kept th

Enter Planet EMI – Seattle Native Sets The Atmosphere

Seattle native EMI, presents a feel-good infused atmosphere of a vibrantly earnest yet fun gravitational pull of a cosmonaut whose curiously exploring life, the pursuit of money, all while honestly disputing her own demons. She completely allows us to step into her atmosphere — a feat uneasy to execute during a time that allows curiosity to be gutted by information. Emulating an idea rather than delivering a hearty portion of oneself, has slowly sheared away at authenticity. EMI is a curious cas

Beamers, Bands & Bravado: Money Makin Nique Capitalizes His Hustle

Finding your hustle is a task within its own. Fine tuning your skills while continuing to dodge and duck your way toward financial indulgence. Now, you’re diligently balancing the two, with a third – survival. The ideology of the hustler is a celebration of utter respect — a glory road paved with blue bills, [possibly] endless shrimp and a semi-heroic ethos. West Atlanta’s Money Makin’ Nique personifies this — bringing a hemi-charged bravado to the industry. Despite the large canopy of artists

Toronto’s Winter Soldier: Meet Layla Hendryx

Toronto — a city disguised as a cultural hub or a beacon, blanketed by the culture like the city’s winter snowfall. There is a cultural stew that simmers within the city, allowing new flavor to permeate, then hook on-lookers who want a taste of the next dish served. The prominence of Hip-Hop grants and fuses Toronto’s speciality into an expansion of sound, vibrancy and deep grandeur tone. Cross-genres peak from the multicultural militia of Hogtown. With many budding artists, who can potentially

Through Mud & Grime: Meet Capo Lee

From the tower blocks of East London, birthed the reggae & ragga infused, electronic screw-face cousin of Hip-hop — grime. Since the early 2000s, grime’s grand presence has paved a way for a league of heavyweights, that are pouring out of the umbrella wielding a unique sound. Although hip-hop’s influence may seem evident, the “cultural cousins” are respectably different. It is those differences that allow the two genres to gravitate in a near hand-in-hand synchronicity. Common ground of content

Everything Clicks With Innanet James

The D.C. Metropolitan region blossoms bundles of musical talent. With the culture of hip-hop churning away within the area, artists are being siphoned from The District and placed into the limelight. An artist in particular whose moniker plays on how he connects with his home: Innanet James. Innanet James’ debut release Quebec Place is a feel good, breath-of-fresh air that centers around a young Marylander in his natural habitat & stomping ground — The DMV. His vocal presence is conditioned and

Say It Loud: Meet LoudCru’s Mak Cash

LoudCru is not based on the individual — a way of life that goes deeper than rap, deeper than culture — but a lifestyle that refines the sense of family and locality. Maryland based artist Mak Cash is rooted within this conglomerate while orchestrating ideas of hip-hop, Rastafarian infused style of living and self identify. Mak Cash embodies this idea — tightly grasping onto creativity — and manifesting an image of his voice into a digital interpretation. Mak Cash‘s latest EP I AM ME gains foot

$wipe Through Uptown, Philadelphia

Philadelphia — history and heart seep throughout the city of “brotherly love“. Aligning cheesesteaks and Rocky’s fist-flaring opus to define Philly is just the tip of the iceberg. A definitive sound radiates out of the city — and is now being chaperoned by Uptown, Philadelphia cougar named $wipe. With a cordially smooth introduction, $wipe‘s i95 EP compiles soulful bare-knuckle, bucket seat bangers, while it teeters through a state of mind & a statement. i95 is an in-depth session where $wipe t

Live And Don’t Obey: Meet Trillgod Monte

Hip-hop shares familiarities of the Wild West. Ruthlessness and the endless desire for a plentiful bounty. All the while one’s name rings bells while impatiently being chronicled as legend. Tenacity; the never ending hustle — and individuality is in place of the guns & ammo. Artists must dredge through territory that others may claim as there own. When the dust settles, Trillgod Monte is an outlaw who does not play by the rules. His eerie style of psychedelic trap is dosed with the cadence of a

Meet J.I.D., The Spillage Villain From East Atlanta

Atlanta has been — and continues — to be a structural column in the hip-hop/rap community. The peach state’s culture has sprouted into mainstream at an exponential level. From the 90s throughout the 2000s, a militia of musical talent has sent waves throughout the industry. To this very day, the torch has been passed down and setting ablaze throughout the culture of hip-hop. A titanic hoard of artistry is pouring out of ATL, yet one artist in particular has been igniting his way to the top while